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Fruit tree picking times

This table shows the approximate harvest dates for the fruit trees we supply.

Apple trees

AkanePick now
Ananas ReinettePick nowPick now
Antonovka 1.5 poundPick now
ArgilierePick nowPick now
AscahirePick nowPick now
Ashmead's KernelPick now
Baguette d'HiverPick nowPick nowPick now
Baguette ViolettePick nowPick now
Belle de BoskoopPick now
Belle Fleur RougePick now
Belle Fleur SimplePick now
Blenheim OrangePick now
BraeburnPick now
Bramley's SeedlingPick now
CabarettePick nowPick now
ColapuyPick nowPick now
Court Pendu RougePick now
Cox's Orange PippinPick now
Cripps PinkPick now
DiscoveryPick now
Early Red MeatPick now
Flanders ReinettePick now
FujiPick now
GaillardePick nowPick now
GalaPick nowPick nowPick now
Golden DeliciousPick now
Golden PippinPick now
Granny SmithPick now
GravensteinPick now
Hidden RosePick nowPick now
HoneycrispPick now
IdaredPick now
Jacques LebelPick nowPick now
JonagoldPick now
JonathanPick now
Kidd's Orange RedPick now
LanscaillerPick nowPick now
Marie DoudouPick now
MelrosePick now
MutsuPick now
Newtown PippinPick now
OksanaPick now
Peasgood's NonsuchPick now
Pink PearlPick now
Precoce de WirwignesPick now
Red DevilPick now
Red WindsorPick now
Reine de ReinettesPick now
Reinette de FrancePick now
Reinette de WaleffePick now
Reinette des CapucinsPick now
Reinette DescardrePick now
Reinette Rouge EtoileePick now
Roberts CrabPick now
RubaiyatPick nowPick now
Saint Edmund's RussetPick now
Sang de BoeufPick now
Scarlet SurprisePick nowPick now
SpartanPick now
SuntanPick now
White TransparentPick now

Apricot trees

ManeraPick now
Melitopolski ChernyPick nowPick now
MiaPick nowPick now
PolonaisPick nowPick now
Precoce de SaumurPick nowPick now

Cherry trees

Blanc NezPick now
Blanche d'HarcignyPick nowPick now
BurlatPick now
Guigne Noire de RuesnesPick nowPick now
MontmorencyPick now
Napoleon BigarreauPick now
VerchocqPick now

Cider apple trees

Amere NouvellePick nowPick now
Bedan des PartsPick now
Binet RougePick now
DabinettPick now
Du VergerPick nowPick now
Ellis BitterPick now
Frequin RougePick now
Harry Masters JerseyPick now
Kingston BlackPick now
MarseignaPick nowPick now
Medaille d'OrPick now
MichelinPick now
Muscadet de DieppePick now
Wickson CrabPick now
Yarlington MillPick now

Cornelian cherry trees

DublanyPick now
JantarnyjPick now
NiesnijPick now
NikolkaPick now
RadostPick now
StarokijewskijPick now
SzaferPick nowPick now

Medlar trees

NottinghamPick now

Peach trees

Avalon PridePick now

Plum trees

Cambridge GagePick now
Coe's Golden DropPick now
FarleighPick now
MadeleinePick now
Mirabelle de NancyPick nowPick now
Monsieur HatifPick now
NobertePick now
Oullins GagePick now
Quetsche d'AlsacePick nowPick now
Reine Claude Rouge HativePick now
Sanguine de WismesPick now
Shropshire PrunePick now
VictoriaPick now

Quince trees

LeskovaczPick now

Saskatoon bushes

KrasnojarskajaPick now
MandamPick nowPick now
MartinPick now
SleytPick now
ThiessenPick now