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Catalogue of fruit trees for sale

  • Apple trees Malus domestica104 varieties
    Our organic apple trees are generally easy to grow, and there is a huge range of different flavours.
    • Cooking apple trees Malus domestica27 varieties
      Cooking apples are usually large, easy to grow, and with the strong sharp flavours needed for culinary uses.
    • Eating apple trees Malus domestica66 varieties
      Our range of organic eating apple trees includes varieties which are particularly good for eating fresh.
    • Red-flesh apple trees Malus domestica10 varieties
      Apple varieties which have pink or red-flesh, often producing pink-coloured juice.
    • Cider apple trees Malus domestica25 varieties
      Make your own hard cider by planting some of our organic traditional cider apple varieties.
    • Crab-apple trees Malus1 varieties
      Crab-apples are small apples, usually grown for use in the kitchen. The trees usually have attractive blossom, and are often good pollinators of other apple trees.
  • Apricot trees Prunus armeniaca5 varieties
    Apricots are a popular stone-fruit, useful for eating fresh and cooking.
  • Cherry trees Prunus avium15 varieties
    Choose from our range of organic cherry trees and pick your own cherries fresh from the tree.
  • Cornelian cherry trees Cornus mas7 varieties
    Cornelian cherry trees produce abundant small fruits which are valued for their healthy properties.
  • Medlar trees Mespilus germanica2 varieties
    Medlars are unusual orchard fruits, primarily for cooking. The blossom and trees also have ornamental appeal.
  • Mulberry trees Morus2 varieties
    Mulberries are large trees, grown for their tasty small fruits, which resemble blackberries.
  • Pear trees Pyrus communis34 varieties
    Our range of organic pear trees will enable you to grow your own pears.
    • Asian pear trees Pyrus pyrifolia3 varieties
      Asian pears, or Nashi pears, look like golden apples and have a crisp sweet flavour.
    • Dessert pear trees Pyrus communis27 varieties
      Our range of organic dessert pears are ideal for eating fresh, after ripening for a few days in a fruit bowl.
    • Cooking pear trees Pyrus communis2 varieties
      Our range of culinary pears are idea for all kinds of cookery and can be used for making jams, stews, and pear tarts.
    • Perry pear trees Pyrus communis2 varieties
      Perry pears are mainly used for the production of pear cider, or perry.
  • Peach trees Prunus persica3 varieties
    Peaches are a luxurious fruit originating in the Far East and now grown throughout warm temperate regions.
  • Plum trees Prunus16 varieties
    Our range of organic plum trees includes varieties for eating fresh and cooking varieties.
    • Damson trees Prunus insititia4 varieties
      Damsons are small plums with a rich astringent flavour, useful for cooking and preserving.
    • Mirabelle trees Prunus insititia1 varieties
      Mirabelles are small plum-like fruits, often used for cooking and preserving.
    • Gage trees Prunus domestica6 varieties
      Gages (also known as Reine Claude plums) are a category of European plums, characterised by their rich sweet flavours.
  • Quince trees Cydonia oblonga2 varieties
    Quince are versatile fruits for use in the kitchen, and the leaves and blossom also have ornamental appeal.
  • Fig trees Ficus carica2 varieties
    Figs are a unique and luscious fruit, which do best in warm climates.
  • Inter-specific fruit trees3 varieties
    Hybrid fruit varieties arising from crosses between fruits of different species.
  • Kiwi plants Actinidia3 varieties
    Kiwis are attractive climbing plants with fragrant flowers and sweet fruits.
  • Saskatoons Amelanchier5 varieties
    Saskatoons, or Juneberries, are small bushy trees with blueberry-like fruits.