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Citrus rootstocks

Rootstocks that can be used for grafting your own orange, lemon, and other citrus fruit trees.

  • Citrus rootstocks

    Citrumelo 4475

    Citrumelo 4475 is a dwarfing citrus rootstock, particularly for sweet orange and grapefruit trees.
  • Citrus rootstocks

    Flying Dragon

    Flying Dragon is a popular dwarfing rootstock for orange, grapefruits, lemons and mandarins.
  • Citrus rootstocks


    Pomeroy is a semi-dwarfing cold-hardy rootstock, compatible with most Citrus varieties.

How to choose Citrus rootstocks

These rootstocks are suitable for grafting your own citrus trees, and impart some cold-hardiness to the tree.