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Pomeroy citrus rootstocks

Citrus trifoliata

Pomeroy is a dwarfing disease-resistant diploid citrus rootstock, compatible with most citrus species, but particularly suitable for sweet orange cultivars.

Pomeroy is a "large-flowered" form of Citrus trifoliata and citrus trees grafted on Pomeroy rootstock typically reach about 3m - 3.5m mature height.

Fruit size is generally improved over the more dwarfing Flying Dragon rootstock.

Pomeroy  rootstock is very cold-hardy, down to -20C, and also imparts some additional cold-hardiness to the scion variety.

It is tolerant of damp soils over winter.

These rootstocks are bio-certified, and raised from seed. The rootstocks are naturally thorny, but this does not affect the scion variety.

Prices are per rootstock, contact us for a discount for larger quantities. The 1-year plants are about 35cm.

Bio / Organic  fruit trees

Pomeroy organic citrus rootstocks for sale

Please order by January for delivery in February - March. If you wish to order a large number of rootstocks please contact us.

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The species Citrus trifoliata (the Japanese bitter orange) is also often known as Poncirus trifoliata. This citrus species grows as a small spreading bush of around 2m-4m (compared with a most oranges or grapefruits which willi reach up to 6m on their own roots).

Pomeroy characteristics

  • Cold hardiness (USDA)Zone 6 (-23C)