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Ordering and delivery of our fruit trees

Where do you deliver to?

We are able to deliver trees to most areas of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France,  Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. For other countries please contact us.

Estimated delivery charges.

If the checkout does not accept your postal code please contact us.


Delivery periods - when will my order be delivered?

Trees are delivered in the winter planting season, which runs from December to February. Within this period you can specify a delivery week to suit you.

Rootstocks are delivered in the period February - March, which is the best time for winter bench-grafting, or for planting for summer grafting.

We use a courier service for delivery of the trees.

Click here for more details of the best time to place your order.


How do you send the trees?

The trees are supplied "bare-root", with the roots wrapped to prevent them drying out. They are packed inside a cardboard carton, and insulated with straw (which can be used after planting as a mulch for the trees).

The cartons dimensions are 100cm x 30cm x 30cm.

In order to fit in the carton the trees will be cut back to about 80cm in height. This may sound cruel, but it is actually beneficial to the trees - it helps them get established after transplanting.

We can fit a maximum of 10 trees in each carton (although our minimum order is just 1 tree). If you have ordered several trees they may be packed alternately top-to-bottom, as this makes better use of the space and stops the trees moving around during delivery.


Can I collect my trees from the nursery?

Yes, collection is possible, and will save you the cost of postage.

Place your order online in the usual way, and select "collection" instead of "delivery" at the checkout.

Once your order is on our system we will contact you to agree a collection date. Collections are possibly by arrangement betweeen December and February.


When do I pay for my order?

We accept orders all year-round but we can only deliver in the delivery periods described above. When you place an order the stock is normally reserved for you within a few days, but depending on the time of year when you place your order we may not request payment immediately. In general for orders placed during autumn, and winter, we will ask you to pay straightaway at the time of order if you want delivery as soon as possible. If you place an order in the spring or summer, we will take the order but you won't need to pay immediately. We will then send you an email notification nearer the time asking you for payment.


Do your trees have the EU plant passport?



Do your prices include sales tax?

Yes, all prices and delivery charges include sales tax.

Sales tax is known as TVA in France, MWSt in Germany, IVA in Spain and Italy, BTW in Belgium and Netherlands, VAT in the UK.

If you are a trade customer and have a valid EU sales tax reference please let us know, as you can then reclaim the tax.