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Rootstocks for sale

Rootstocks are supplied in February-March, but must be ordered by January.

  • BA29

    BA29 is a semi-vigorous quince rootstock, compatible with many but not all European pears.
  • Bittenfelder

    Bittenfelder is a very vigorous cold-hardy apple rootstock.
  • Citrumelo 4475

    Citrumelo 4475 is a dwarfing citrus rootstock, particularly for sweet orange and grapefruit trees.
  • Colt

    Colt is a semi-vigorous rootstock for sweet cherries.
  • Flying Dragon

    Flying Dragon is a popular dwarfing rootstock for orange, grapefruits, lemons and mandarins.
  • G.11

    G.11 is a cold-hardy dwarfing apple rootstock, in the M9 size class.
  • G.41

    G.41 is a dwarfing rootstock for apples, similar to M9.
  • Gisela 5

    Gisela 5 is a popular semi-dwarf rootstock for sweet and sour cherries.
  • Gisela 6

    Gisela 6 is a semi-vigorous rootstock for sweet and sour cherries.
  • Kirchensaller

    Kirchensaller is vigorous standard rootstock, compatible with all European pears.
  • M116

    M116 is a semi-vigorous rootstock for apples can crab-apples.
  • M9

    M9 is the most widely-planted commercial dwarf apple rootstock.
  • MM111

    MM111 is a popular semi-vigorous rootstock for apple trees.
  • Myrobalan

    Myrobalan is a seedling rootstock for producing standard plum trees.
  • Pomeroy

    Pomeroy is a semi-dwarfing cold-hardy rootstock, compatible with most Citrus varieties.
  • PyrodwarfTM

    Pyrodwarf is a semi-vigorous rootstock compatible with all European pear varieties.
  • St. Julien A

    St. Julien A is a semi-vigorous rootstock, compatible with many plums, peaches, and apricots.

How to choose Rootstocks for sale

We can supply a range of rootstocks suitable for grafting your own fruit trees. We can also advise on the selection of rootstocks for your orchard project.

Nearly all the rootstocks we supply are raised to certified organic (bio) standards.

Rootstocks are only available for supply in the period February - March each winter, but please finalise your order before the end of December.