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M9 apple rootstocks

Malus domestica

M9 is the most widely-planted dwarf apple rootstock, and is an ideal choice for growing apple trees in gardens, or where space is limited.

Apple trees grafted on M9 rootstock crop from an early age, and can have enhanced fruit size.

We supply the modern M9-T337 clone.

Sold in bundles of 5 rootstocks.

M9 apple rootstocks for sale

Please order by January for delivery in February - March.

  • M9 rootstocks (5-pack) 15.00€
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Growing and Training

M9 produces a dwarf apple tree with a mature height of up to 2.5m. The trees will require permanent staking or support.

Trees grafted on M9 can be planted 2m apart.

M9 is an excellent rootstock for producing small bush-trained apple trees, spindlebushes, and oblique cordons.

M9 characteristics

  • Disease resistanceAverage
  • ScabVery resistant
  • Fire blightVery susceptible
  • Country of originNetherlands