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Cooking pear trees

Our range of culinary pears are idea for all kinds of cookery and can be used for making jams, stews, and pear tarts.

  • Pear trees

    Poire de Livre

    Poire de Livre pear trees
    Poire de Livre is an ancient culinary pear from the north of France.
  • Pear trees

    Saint Mathieu

    Saint Mathieu pear trees
    Saint Mathieu is a traditional Franco-Belgian cooking pear.

How to choose Cooking pear trees

While you can gently cook dessert pears, their sweet soft flesh can become simply bland in the kitchen. If you want to really cook with pears you need to use dedicated culinary varieties. These typically have very hard dense flesh, with strong but not particularly palatable flavours when eaten raw. The application of heat - typically by baking, poaching, or stewing - transforms and brings out their flavours.