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Gage trees

Gages (also known as Reine Claude plums) are a category of European plums, characterised by their rich sweet flavours.

  • Cambridge Gage

    Cambridge Gage gage trees
    Cambridge Gage is a reliable English green gage, with an excellent sweet flavour.
  • Coe's Golden Drop

    Coe's Golden Drop gage trees
    Coe's Golden Drop is a large oval gage from the 18th century, noted for its excellent flavour.
  • Count Althann's Gage

    Count Althann's Gage gage trees
    Best seller
    Count Althann's Gage has a richer and more plum-like flavour than other gages.
  • Oullins Gage

    Oullins Gage gage trees
    Oullins Gage is self-fertile, quite easy to grow, and the plums have a lovely sweet flavour.
  • Reine Claude Doree

    Reine Claude Doree gage trees
    A high-quality yellow-green gage, and usually more productive than other green gages.
  • Reine Claude Rouge Hative

    This is one of the earliest dessert plums, ripening in mid-July.