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Spartan apple trees

Malus domestica
Spartan is listed in the RHS Plants for Pollinators
  • Picking season: Late
  • Self-fertility: Partially self-fertile
  • Flowering group: 3

Spartan is a deep marroon-coloured apple with an excellent refreshing sweet flavour, often with a wine-like hint.

That flavour, and the crimson skin, are an easy clue that Spartan is related to the famous Canadian McIntosh apple - but much easier to grow.

Spartan ripens quite late in the season, usually around early October. The apples will remain on the tree over a 2-3 week period, which means you can pick a few at a time rather than have to deal with a glut. This is also the best way to enjoy them because although they keep fairly well, the flavour and crispness fade in storage.

Spartan is also a very good pollinator of other apples, producing large quantities of compatible pollen.


Bio / Organic  fruit trees

Spartan organic apple trees - graft to order

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    Growing and Training

    Although Spartan originates from Canada it is well-suited to the maritime cool climate of much of north-west Europe.

    Spartan characteristics

    • Gardening skillBeginner
    • Self-fertilityPartially self-fertile
    • Flowering group3
    • Pollinating othersGood
    • PloidyDiploid
    • Fruit bearingSpur-bearer
    • Climate suitabilityTemperate climatesWarm climates
    • Picking periodmid-October
    • Picking seasonLate
    • Season of use1 week
    • CroppingHeavy
    • Food usesEating freshJuice
    • Disease resistanceAverage
    • ScabSome susceptibility
    • CankerSome susceptibility
    • MildewSome resistance
    • Fire blightSome resistance
    • Country of originCanada
    • Period of origin1900 - 1949
    • Fruit colourCrimson