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Rubaiyat® apple trees

Malus domestica

Rubaiyat is one of the best examples of a red-fleshed apple. In a good year the bright red skin blends seamlessly into the bright red flesh - an effect you rarely see in any apple.

Like many red-fleshed apples the blossom is a darker pink than regular apples, and quite attractive.

The apples ripen very late in the season, early November in north-west Europe. They do not keep and although the flavour can be acceptable in some years it may not be edible.

Overall we think Rubaiyat is a remarkable apple, but it requires dedication and experience to get the best results.

Bio / Organic  fruit trees

Rubaiyat organic apple trees - graft to order

  • 1Maidentree on M9 rootstock 24.95€
    Small tree (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years) Custom graft
  • 2Maidentree on MM111 rootstock 24.95€
    Large tree (3m-5m after 10 years) Custom graft
  • 3Maidentree on Bittenfelder rootstock 24.95€
    Very large tree (5m-6m+ after 10 years) Custom graft
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Growing and Training

Rubaiyat is not easy to grow. It flowers quite late when not many other apples are around to pollinate it. Fruit quality can be quite variable from one season to the next. The extent and intensity of the red flesh is also variable.

The tree grows with a distinctly upright habit.

Rubaiyat characteristics

  • Gardening skillExperienced
  • Self-fertilityNot self-fertile
  • Flowering group6
  • Pollinating othersPoor
  • PloidyDiploid
  • Fruit bearingSpur-bearer
  • Climate suitabilityTemperate climatesMild damp climates
  • Picking periodlate Octoberearly November
  • Picking seasonVery late
  • Season of use2-3 weeks
  • CroppingLight
  • Food usesEating freshCulinary
  • Disease resistancePoor
  • Country of originUnited States
  • Period of origin1900 - 1949
  • Flesh colourPink / RedDark red
  • Fruit colourRed
  • Fruit sizeSmall