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M116 apple rootstocks

Malus domestica

M116 is a large semi-dwarf or small semi-vigorous rootstock compatible with all apple varieties and many crab-apples.

M116 can be considered as a direct replacement for the popular MM106 semi-vigorous apple rootstock. Despite the tree being roughly 10% smaller, it is capable of producing a similar yield.

M116 has much better resistance to Phytophthora (collar rot) than most apple rootstocks. These fungal infections are a common disease of apple trees, and particularly prevalent in damp soils.

The mature height is likely to be around 3m or more in good conditions, and the tree will not need staking except in very light soils. Trees grafted on M116 rootstock should be planted 3.5m - 4.5m apart.

Like all the UK-developed Malling and Malling-Merton rootstocks, M116 is only moderately cold-hardy. If your winter temperatures fall routinely below -8C - 10C for long periods it may not be suitable.

Overall M116 is perhaps the best all-round apple rootstock for the European home orchard. It is much easier to manage than dwarf rootstocks such as M9, and does not need as much space as the more vigorous traditional rootstocks.

Please note our M116 rootstocks are not currently bio / organic. However you should be able to request a prorogation from your organic certification organisation.

M116 apple rootstocks for sale

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M116 characteristics

  • Disease resistanceAverage
  • Fire blightSome resistance
  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Period of origin1950 - 1999