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Crab-apple trees

Crab-apples are small apples, usually grown for use in the kitchen. The trees usually have attractive blossom, and are often good pollinators of other apple trees.

  • Crab-apple trees


    Evereste crab-apple trees
    Malus Evereste is a popular traditional crab-apple with masses of white blossom, then red-yellow fruits.
    • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
    • Flowering group: 3

How to choose Crab-apple trees

Crab-apple trees belong to the genus Malus, and are therefore closely related to the mainstream apple (Malus domestica). They are grown primarily for their attractive blossom, and for the ornamental appeal of their pretty fruitlets in the autumn.

The fruitlets of many varieties are useful in the kitchen for making crab-apple jelly. Several varieties retain their fruitlets into early winter (known as 'persistent'), providing a food resource for wildlife.

Many crab-apples also make excellent pollinators for fruiting apple trees, thanks to their profuse blossom and close genetic compatibility.