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Braeburn apple trees

Malus domestica
Braeburn is listed in the RHS Plants for Pollinators
  • Picking season: Very late late October / early November
  • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
  • Flowering group: 4

Braeburn is one of the most important commercial apple varieties, grown in all the major warm-climate apple producing areas of the world. It has a very good flavour when grown in the right conditions, and stores extremely well. It is a good choice for the home orchard, provided you are in an areay with a warm autumn climate.

Bio / Organic  fruit trees

Braeburn organic apple trees - graft to order

  • 1Maidentree on M9 rootstock 24.95€
    Small tree (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years) Custom graft
  • 2Maidentree on M116 rootstock 24.95€
    Medium tree (2m-3.5m after 10 years) Custom graft
  • 3Maidentree on MM111 rootstock 24.95€
    Large tree (3m-5m after 10 years) Custom graft
  • 4Maidentree on Bittenfelder rootstock 24.95€
    Very large tree (5m-6m+ after 10 years) Custom graft
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Growing and Training

Braeburn is generally an easy variety to grow, bit it does best in areas with warm climates and a long growing season.

It is self-fertile and does not necessarily need a pollination partner to produce apples, and is a good pollinator for other varieties that flower at the same time.

Braeburn characteristics

  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Self-fertilitySelf-fertile
  • Flowering group4
  • Fruit bearingSpur-bearer
  • Climate suitabilityTemperate climates - Requires sunny aspect to ripen properlyWarm climates
  • Picking periodmid-November
  • Picking seasonVery late - late October / early November
  • Season of use3 months or more
  • CroppingGood
  • Food usesEating fresh
  • Disease resistanceAverage - Susceptible to fireblight
  • ScabSome susceptibility
  • MildewSome susceptibility
  • Fire blightSome susceptibility
  • Country of originNew Zealand
  • Period of origin1950 - 1999
  • Fruit colourOrange / Red