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Rouge de Bordeaux fig trees

Ficus carica
  • Self-fertility: Self-fertile

Rouge de Bordeaux is a traditional French fig, featuring a red flesh with a rich sweet flavour. It starts fruiting in late August, and 

Rouge de Bordeaux fig trees for sale

  • Maidentree 22.25€
    Large tree (3m-5m after 10 years) supplied in a 4.5L pot
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Growing and Training

Rouge de Bordeaux is very cold hardy, but it needs a warm climates for best fruit production. In northern Europe consider training this fig up a south-facing brick wall, or planting in a garden greenhouse. This is also a good choice for growing in a large container.

Rouge de Bordeaux characteristics

  • Gardening skillExperienced
  • Self-fertilitySelf-fertile
  • Pollinating othersAverage
  • Climate suitabilityTemperate climatesWarm climates
  • Picking seasonMid
  • Season of use1 week
  • CroppingLight
  • Food usesEating freshCulinary
  • Country of originFrance
  • Fruit colourPurple
  • Fruit sizeSmall