Summer 2022We are now accepting pre-orders for delivery from December 2022 - February 2023.

Custom-grafted fruit trees for sale in Europe

We produce two separate ranges of fruit trees:

  1. Our regular range. These are popular fruit tree varieties which we produce regularly on an annual basis, and can be ordered from April onwards for delivery in the autumn of the same year.

  2. Our graft to order range. These are rare and specialist fruit tree varieties that we do not produce every year, but can be custom-grafted for you.

How can you order custom-grafted fruit trees?

Our graft-to-order varieties are available to pre-order now for delivery the following winter. In other words, we ask you to order by November each year, and the new tree(s) will be delivered the following November.

So it takes a bit longer for the trees to arrive, but it means we can offer you a much wider range of rare and specialist fruit tree varieties that are not always available.

You can either order online in the usual way, or just use our contact form to specify your requirements.

A further advantage is that you can also specify the rootstock you want the trees to be grafted on, to control the mature height.

If the variety you want is not listed on our website, don't worry, just use the contact form to ask us about it - it is still possible we will be able to graft a tree for you.