Spring 2023 - open for pre-ordersYou can pre-order fruit trees now, for delivery in autumn 2023.

When to order our fruit trees

We supply several different ranges of trees and plants, and these are available for delivery at different times of the year.

Our main range of fruit trees

These trees need to be planted in the winter, and are supplied in the period December - February (to suit you).

Orders are satisfied on a first-come first-served basis. You can order year-round, but the best time to order is before October each year, since after that we tend to run out of stock.

Our graft-to-order range of fruit trees

We have a much wider range of specialist fruit trees that we produce only on demand. We graft these trees in early spring, for delivery in December of the same year.

You can order year-round, but make sure you have placed your order before March, so that your trees can then be grafted and sent out in December of the same year.


If you want to try grafting your own trees we also offer a range of rootstocks. These are always supplied in late winter, so that you can either do your winter grafting, or plant them out ofr summer grafting.

Again you can order year-round, but supplies are limited. The cut-off date for ordering is early February.